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Welcome to Dylanism.

Hi, I am Dylan Woon.

A simple guy living by the values of purpose, passion and peace.

  • Purpose - I purposefully pursue endeavours that enrich the lives of others and mine. 

  • Passion - I learn, reflect and grow with passion.

  • Peace - I make sure I sleep well at night.

The values are upheld and lived via lifelong wealth building.

I have a holistic view of wealth.

  • Physical wealth

  • Material wearlth

  • Financial wealth

  • Relationship wealth

  • Emotional wealth


If you are into wealth-building and purposeful living, we'll click.

Let's forge connections, learn from one another, and unlock our fullest potential together.

 houghts on venture-building, investment, and wealth-building. I'm Dylan, a passionate entrepreneur driven by meaningful connections and collaborative endeavors. Through this blog, I aim to share my experiences, insights, and practical strategies in a relatable and accessible manner.

I find solace in travel, nature, and self-care.


Join me on this transformative journey as we navigate the exciting realm of venture-building, investment, and wealth creation.


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